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Feel at Home 

Our homes are supposed to be our haven, but it goes both ways. While it’s responsible for giving us shelter and comfort, we’re responsible for keeping it neat and functioning. This is where we come in.

Boyd Handyman Service believes that you deserve to always feel at home in your own home. When you have an endless list of chores on your plate, leave all the headaches to us. We provide the following services for your convenience: 

I had the pleasure of hiring Boyd Handyman to manage all inside construction and develop​ment of my new o​ffice space. Keaton was excellent to work with, responsive, professional and knowledgeable. He led me through the entire process always willing to offer best practices and suggestions for improvement. I have referred their service without question or reservation to many others knowing they will experience the great service I received. 

- Shawn T.

Phone: (587) 589-1636

Email: [email protected]